I-Ton Pallet Truck - Pramac 1 Ton

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I-ton is the only hand pallet truck in the world made by not metallic material highly resistant. The new technopolymer of which I-ton is made has been developed with the most up-to-date technologies. It ensures a great robustness as steel and offers great advantanges while working.

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I-ton: is the only pallet truck in the world made of non-metallic material. This new techno-polymer compound, based on modern technologies, is higly rigid, robust as steel, the conventional used material and offers some important benefits:

• It is light at only 38kg

• It doesn’t deform permanently

• It can be used in a broad temperature range

• It preserves its surface characteristics even when it is exposed to external corrosion agents.

Forklift Trucks - Warehouse Equipment - Materials Handling from CAL4KLIFTS, Newcastle, Northumberland

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  • Price: £348.00 +VAT